Monday, June 23, 2008


This blog has lain dormant for too long. With summer in full swing I feel that I have emerged from some sickly hibernation and am just now starting to awaken to the sounds of music that reverberates in my headphones, out on the streets, and at the many concerts that I plan on attending in these warm weeks.

I use SonicLiving to track what shows I plan on attending, and looking through my 'wishlist' I see too much, and I like what I see.

But I digress from the point of what spurred me to write this evening. Lately I've been finding remarkable songs that impress me via headphone listening, and I'd like to share.

Foals: Baloons
I've really been digging the Foals album Antidotes recently, but this song always sticks out. Maybe because it's the first song by them that I'd ever heard. But I think it sticks out because of what a great headphones song it is.

Atlas Sound: Ready, Set, Glow
I just listened to this song for the first time NOT on headphones and it still blows my mind. Bradford Cox from Deerhunter is a phenomenon. I don't like everything he does, but when he does it well... well, it's awesome. Just try listening to this song on headphones and not space out to it.

Ting Tings: Great DJ
You've heard the Ting Tings, probably without noticing. The "That's Not My Name" song? That's them. Initially I wrote them off as a one-hit-wonder-slash-LilyAllenesque UK band but this song (track 1) draws me in. Plus the repetitive guitar riff sounds great all the way through. The rest of the album deserves a listen too - it's summer fun. Fruit machine? What the hell is that? Better question: Who cares?

And, just for effect,

Girl Talk: Like This
Gregg Gillis specializes in sampling/mashups. Download his most recent album (pay what you wish) before he gets sued and can't distribute it anymore. This song has more samples than I've ever heard in one track and even if it's not Gillis' best work, it's worth listening to see how many samples you recognize.