Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sissyneck's 2011 best of


I decided to follow in some friends footsteps and choose a list of songs for my favorites of 2011. Although I'm still consummately an album person, songs make a more easily digestible list. The songs listed here happen to be all from great albums this year that would certainly be in my top album list with 2 exceptions (guess which ones!). Also, the order doesn't reflect how much I like the song or the album, just what sounded best as a mix. Enjoy!

1. The Decemberists "Calamity Song"
2. Tune-yards " Bizness"
3. Radiohead "Little by Little"
4. PJ Harvey "The Glorius Land"
5. The Antlers "I Don't Want Love"
6. Adele "Rolling in the Deep"
7. The Decemberists "Rox in the Box"
8. Wilco "I Might"
9. Radiohead "Morning Mr Magpie"
10. Wilco "Art of Almost"
11. My Morning Jacket "Circuital"
12. Tune-yards "Powa"
13. Bright Eyes "One For You, One For Me"
14. Wilco "Whole Love"
15. The Decemberists "June Hymn"
16. Tune-yards "Es-So"
17. Bright Eyes "Shell Games"
18. Radiohead "Give Up the Ghost"

The most I can say about this year is that I was overall pretty disappointed in the new albums that came out, though I do love this mix and these songs. There weren't even enough albums I truly loved to fill an 80 minute playlist with one song each, hence multiple songs from each album. All of my favorite current artists put out albums this year, but none were what I would call stellar, and certainly none were their best album. It's too bad when this happens - it could have been epic! I will say that the obvious choice for album of the year is Tune-yards Whokill. Just an amazing piece of work that came out of nowhere, and definitely the best live show I saw this year (that includes 2 Wilco shows, Prince at MSG, My Morning Jacket, and many more!) Until next year...