Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You

I've been hearing this Department of Eagles song in various places, and today saw the video which apparently premiered at MoMA last night - I love the red hooded soldiers' ballet moves.

Monday, March 30, 2009

March Music

Saw Asobi Seksu on Saturday in D.C. and, while I wasn't amazed by any of the recordings I listened to pre-show, they put on a good concert and would recommend seeing them live (despite some singer crankiness about sound issues that weren't affecting anyone but her). The openers, Tyvek, were also pretty good angsty punk rock - the best part about them was their drummer, in my opinion.

This internship I'm doing for Anthology Recordings is exposing me to a lot of music I probably wouldn't seek out otherwise, which is what made me write this quick post. On the bus ride back from D.C. yesterday I enjoyed listening to The Best of the Old School, a compilation of early rap put out by Enjoy Records between 1979 and 1981. I was tasked with prepping this album for the site and got to do a bit of poking into the history of the album, which you'll find summarized in a brief writeup there. Listening really makes me wish I'd known about Bobby Robinson before this so I could have visited his shop on 125th St before it closed last year. He was thought to be the first African American business owner on 125th when he opened his shop in 1949 but was priced out of his space in 2008.